Sylvia and John

May, 2019

The day was a bit warm. That’s the way it is in North Alabama in May, June, July and August. But the warmth that was cast from the bright sunshine had to compete on this Memorial Day with the warmth that Sylvia and John shared not only with each other, but so genuinely with their family and friends who had come from far and near to celebrate with them. From the wedding site – Majestic Venue, to the simple, heartfelt vows that they had written to each other to the singing of special hymns (led by Syliva’s Grandfather), this wedding ceremony was one that they made personal and special to them. And that is what made it so special to those who were privileged to witness it. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Pollard. It was a joy…a real joy.

Blossoms by bev Design
Blossoms by bev Designs
Blossoms by bev Design


  1. Melanie Gougar says:

    Thank you, Bev, for making her day so special! The flowers were beautiful and perfect, and you warm the hearts of so many!

    1. Bev Smith says:

      I loved every minute of it. Big hug…

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