Loft 212, Cullman, AL Ceremony and Reception

Blossoms by bev Design

April 2015

There are few things as special as the joy that comes with being able to design the flowers for one of my own kid’s weddings. Although I was not able to do that for all four of my kids, I was able to do most of the floral work for 2 of my kid’s weddings- my youngest and my oldest (whose weddings happen to be about 5 weeks apart)! So, with joy in my heart, I will share with you some photos from Mikayla’s wedding. She’s our youngest “daughter-dre” and married to Brent Mann. Their wedding took place at the awesome venue, Loft 212 in Cullman, AL. It was a perfect day.

First Look
Maid’s and Men
Mikayla’s maids designed their own bouquets – with a little help from Blossoms by bev.
Brent’s boutonniere’ was designed using a peach rose, peach hypericum berry and a succulent.
Blossoms by bev Design
Garden Roses, spray roses, succulents and seeded ecualyptus were used to design Mikayla’s Bridal Bouquet. The pearl brooch on the ribbon wrapped stems belonged to Mikayla’s grandmother.
Brent’s nieces were precious flower girls.
Floral Halo: Blossoms by bev Design
Two wreaths adorned the brick columns leading into Loft 212. They both were designed using the same flowers and color pallet as the rest of the floral designs in the wedding. Each of the two wreaths had an initial attached to it with ribbon. One with an M for Mikayla and the other with a B for Brent.
Such a heart-tugging, emotion filled time for this Mom, aka Flower Lady – presenting Mikayla her Bridal Bouquet and a special handkerchief. My heart was overflowing for Mikayla.
Buffet Table Floral Arrangement
Blossoms by bev Design
Mr. and Mrs. Brent Mann

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