An Evening of Beauty at Annabella of Cedar Glen

November 2019

An early November day in North Alabama brought perfect weather and a bride who couldn’t have been more beautiful. Nicole is just one of those people that make what I do such a pleasure. And the wonderful thing about it is she really doesn’t know how beautiful she is. Yes, her face is beautiful. No doubt about that. But let me assure you that the beauty that comes from within Nicole just radiates outwardly. The floral designs that Blossoms by bev was honored to be entrusted with only accessorized her and helped her shine just a little bit more than she already did. What a pleasure it was for this flower lady to be a part of this beautiful bride (and grooms) special day! And to Mandy Owens Photography, stunning work! Thank you for sharing!

Nicole had a furry friend named “Daisy” who was very special to her. She wanted Daisy to be a party of her special day, so Blossoms by bev placed a small daisy in her bridal bouquet. Special touches are what make the bride’s bouquet personal.
Those gals we can’t do without. Blossoms by Bev Design
Floral designs adorned lanterns that lined the aisle at the ceremony site.
Blossoms by Bev Design
Ceremony site Floral Design
by Blossoms by Bev
Staircase floral design by Blossoms by Bev.

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