Anna Catherine and Charlie

July 2018

You know those times when you’re just can’t wait to bring your best to such a sweet, sweet couple? This was so much one of those times for this flower lady. I have known Charlie his entire life and his mom and dad are special friends of ours. I had not had the pleasure of meeting Anna Catherine until the bridal consult, but when I did, I knew Charlie had picked well. I’m just not sure sweetness could ooze out of a bride any more. Anna Catherine is from Florence but moved to Tuscaloosa to attend the University of Alabama. Charlie moved from Athens to attend The University of Alabama also. It was there that they met and fell in love. I heard from a little bird that Anna Catherine said upon seeing Charlie for the first time – “I’m going to date him”! And here we are.

Anna Catherine incorporated treasures from 3 generations for the stem wrap of her bridal bouquet. Blossoms by bev used silk from her Grandmother’s wedding dress as the base for the wrap, lace from her Mom’s wedding dress, and a brooch that belonged to her Great Grandmother. So special!

Anna Catherine’s color pallet for her floral designs included white, soft pinks and blush. Because of her desire for a more natural look, we incorporated silver dollar eucalyptus, lemon leaf and tree fern into her bridal bouquet.

The smiles on Anna Catherine and Charlie’s faces say it all. And this flower lady was just loved being a tiny part of it! Congratulations Anna Catherine and Charlie!

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