I absolutely loved our wedding

I absolutely loved our wedding flowers from Blossoms by Bev! We met with her in advance and I didn’t have the clearest vision of the flowers I wanted, but she helped narrow down options and pinpoint exactly what I wanted. I ended up choosing hydrangeas and orchids, and she was able to work to create something I loved that stayed within my budget, which was no easy task given the flowers I chose.

I’ve heard stories of hydrangea bouquets wilting if they are too long out of water, but our bouquets and boutonnieres stayed fresh all day. We had one boutonniere wilt slightly, but Bev, in a moment of pure genius, had sent extra, I assume just in case this very thing happened.

The size of the arrangements, the colors of the flowers, and how everything came together completely exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Bev to anyone looking for a florist for their wedding or other special occasion. She was prompt, responsive, creative, and overall just plain pleasant to work with.

Finally, as a bonus, Bev sent me home with a small, leftover hydrangea bush from which my wedding bouquet was made. I thought that was an exceptionally sweet touch and I hope my black thumb can somehow keep it alive 🙂

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